New Program Strives to Improve Outcomes through Improved Discharge Planning

October 2017

Roughly 170 Genesis leaders nationwide—including center executive directors, physicians, nurses, directors of rehab, and social workers—were recently enrolled in a new three-part learning campaign aimed at optimizing discharge planning to improve patient outcomes. Designed to re-enforce the new Genesis Transitions in Care Best Practice Standards that were recently rolled out across the... Read More

Academy Launches Nursing Aide Train-the-Trainer Program

October 2017

In an effort to help Chinese healthcare organizations improve efficiencies by leveraging Nursing Aides (a profession that has not historically existed in China) , GRS Academy recently launched and completed its first Nursing Aide Train-the-Trainer program with XinTianDe Limited Corporation which provides nursing services to local hospitals and community facilities.

The on-ground program, hosted at the GRS-HS Spring of Power... Read More

Academy Partners with Renowned Wellness Expert

July 2017

In an ongoing effort to ensure that learners gain not only knowledge, but the practical skills and confidence they need to effectively apply what they’ve learned, GRS Academy has partnered with internationally-recognized health coach and wellness expert, Meg Jordan PhD, RN, ACC, CWP, on the creation of a new Health Coaching in Action course. The course—which will be incorporated into all of the Academy’s existing Health Coaching programs—is... Read More

Academy and NBME Speak at Global Innovation Conference

April 2017

Karen Burdick, GRS Academy’s Senior Director of Curriculum Development, and Brownie Anderson, Vice President of International Programs at the National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME), recently co-facilitated a presentation at the Innovative Strategies for Developing the Future Healthcare Workforce conference in Beijing, China.

The presentation, entitled “Using Technology to Provide Evidence-Based Healthcare Education across... Read More

Academy Trains Nursing Assistants in Quinhaungdao

April 2017

GRS Academy has begun training a number of new hires to work as Nursing Assistants at the GRS Spring of Power Center in Quinhuangdao, China. The 5-star, inpatient subacute rehab facility owned by GRS-HS (the China operations arm of Genesis Rehab Services) was opened in June 2016 to serve the rehabilitation needs of Chinese patients following discharge from acute hospital settings. Later this month, the facility will host the grand opening of a... Read More

Academy Partners with Saipu Fitness Training School

March 2017

As lifestyle-related health challenges continue to grow in China, GRS Academy has partnered with Saipu Fitness Training School to empower its students with powerful health coaching skills to help people achieve even greater wellness.

Earlier this month, twenty Saipu students started GRS Academy’s Health Coaching for Non-Healthcare Professionals program through which they will be introduced to healthcare fundamentals such as the... Read More

Academy Launches Learning Technology Enhancement Project

March 2017

In an ongoing effort to provide the most effective educational experience to our learners, GRS Academy has launched a six-month learning technology upgrade project.  The Academy’s new and improved “eClassroom” will provide an even more engaging experience for learners, and greater administrative functionality for faculty, administration, and business partners.

After gathering a range of feedback and input from key... Read More

GRS Academy Learners Earn High Marks on Prestigious NBME Exam

February 2017

The U.S. National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME) has released learner scores on the new Professional Examination for Health Coach (PEHC)—a new exam developed in partnership with GRS Academy to evaluate the readiness of Health Coaches in China. 93% of GRS Academy learners passed the exam.

In fall 2016, more than 500 Chinese learners participated in the GRS Academy Health Coach Program, preparing them to sit... Read More

NBME Conducts Standard-Setting for New Health Coach Exam

January 2017

On December 18th, GRS Academy Health Coach learners sat for the first-ever health coach examination by the National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME).

Because this was the first time anyone had taken the exam (known as the Professional Examination for Health Coach, PEHC), the NBME recently conducted what is known as a “Standard-Setting Study,” to determine what should constitute a passing score. The study involved a one-... Read More

Academy Provides Rehabilitation Professional Development Training to GRS Employees in China

November 2016

GRS Academy recently launched an eight-week professional development program for Rehab Therapists and Rehab Physicians at several GRS-HS hospitals and clinics throughout China. The program includes online learning as well as several face-to-face competency assessments. Learners will be introduced to practical customer service skills for healthcare professionals... Read More