Academy Launches Nursing Aide Train-the-Trainer Program

October 2017

In an effort to help Chinese healthcare organizations improve efficiencies by leveraging Nursing Aides (a profession that has not historically existed in China) , GRS Academy recently launched and completed its first Nursing Aide Train-the-Trainer program with XinTianDe Limited Corporation which provides nursing services to local hospitals and community facilities.

The on-ground program, hosted at the GRS-HS Spring of Power center in Qinhuangdao, prepared leaders from XinTianDe to train Nursing Aides leveraging proprietary GRS Academy curriculum. Participants received a two week introduction to the Nursing Aide curriculum that they will eventually teach—followed by one week of GRS Academy Clinical Proctor and Presenter Certification training through which the trainees gained an understanding of adult learning principles and effective teaching techniques.

The newly-certified GRS Academy Proctors and Presenters will now begin teaching future Nursing Aides, leveraging the GRS Academy eClassroom to access their lecture presentations, competency assessment resources, training handouts, and more.