Academy Partners with Renowned Wellness Expert

July 2017

In an ongoing effort to ensure that learners gain not only knowledge, but the practical skills and confidence they need to effectively apply what they’ve learned, GRS Academy has partnered with internationally-recognized health coach and wellness expert, Meg Jordan PhD, RN, ACC, CWP, on the creation of a new Health Coaching in Action course. The course—which will be incorporated into all of the Academy’s existing Health Coaching programs—is intended to give learners a very practical glimpse into how the concepts they are learning translate into real-world practice. The course includes a series of application-focused modules as well as videos of Ms. Jordan conducting simulated health coaching sessions with various clients. Each video showcases concrete health coaching skills in action, such as how to open, conduct, and close coaching sessions, as well as specific strategies for supporting individuals with specific health conditions.

Ms. Jordan is a clinical medical anthropologist, an RN specializing in integrative and collaborative practice models, a behavioral health specialist, a professor, and a certified health coach. As a prize-winning health journalist she has also served as a health correspondent for the Today show, CNN, and Global TV.