National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME)

In April 2016, Genesis Rehab Services (GRS) entered into a relationship with the U.S. National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME)—a leading U.S. examination group that develops and oversees the United States Medical Licensing Exam (USMLE) for physicians. All medical boards in the U.S. accept a passing score on the USMLE as evidence that an applicant demonstrates the core competencies to practice medicine. As a result, healthcare consumers throughout the nation enjoy a high degree of confidence that their doctors have met a common standard.

Our collaboration with NBME  focused on developing an examination to assess the competency and professional readiness of new Health Coaches. The exam was first administered in December 2016 and continues to be offered exclusively to GRS Academy health coach learners.

In a letter dated September 2016, the NBME stated “The NBME mission is to protect the health of the public through state-of-the art assessment of health professionals. We take our mission very seriously and this relationship [with GRS Academy] is a testament to our belief that GRS is uniquely qualified to provide the type of training that will equip healthcare professionals for success.”

GRS Academy is honored and humbled to collaborate with the prestigious NBME to foster excellence in health coaching.

To visit the NBME website, click here.


National Association for the Support of Long-Term Care

The National Association for the Support of Long Term Care (NASL) is the leading national organization with exclusive involvement in legislative and regulatory matters affecting all ancillary services to the long-term and post- acute care setting. Genesis Rehab Services takes an active role in NASL and, in fact, our Senior Vice President of Clinical Services Garry Pezzano was elected President of NASL in 2012; our President Dan Hirschfeld sits on the NASL Board of Directors; and our Vice President of Regulatory Administration & Compliance Joanne Wisely was named NASL Member of the Year in 2012.


American Occupational Therapy Association

Genesis Rehab Services is the American Occupational Therapy Association's (AOTA) first-ever Platinum Partner. Our partnership provides GRS occupational therapists and occupational therapy assistants with continued involvement and benefits.


ASHA Specialty Board on Swallowing and Swallowing Disorders

Genesis Rehab Services believes strongly in having our professionals “practice at the top of their licenses” by maintaining the most advanced and up-to-date skillset possible. Our Corporate Partnership with the American Board on Swallowing and Swallowing Disorders is one way in which we promote the professional growth and development of our clinicians—encouraging and recognizing those who obtain specialty Board Certification in Swallowing Disorders.

GRS State and National Memberships:

  • American Association of Nurse Assessment Coordination (AANAC)
  • American Health Care Association (AHCA)
  • American College of Health Care Administrators Massachusetts Chapter (ACHCA MA Chapter)
  • Argentum Senior Living Executive Conference (formerly ALFA)
  • Arizona Health Care Association (AHCA)
  • Assisted Living Federation of America (ALFA)
  • California Association of Health Facilities (CAHF)
  • Colorado Health Care Association (CHCA)
  • Florida Assisted Living Association (FALA)
  • Florida Health Care Association (FHCA)
  • Georgia Assisted Living Federation of America
  • Georgia Health Care Association (GHCA)
  • Healthcare Association of Michigan (HCAM)
  • Idaho Health Care Association (ICHA)
  • Kentucky Association of Health Care Facilities (KAHCF)
  • LeadingAge
  • LeadingAge (States: CA, CT, FL, GA, IL, KS, NC, PA, SC, TX, VA)
  • Louisiana Nursing Home Association (LNHA)
  • Missouri Health Care Association (MHCA)
  • North Carolina Assisted Living Association (NCALA)
  • North Carolina Health Care Facilities Association (NCHCFA)
  • Ohio Health Care Association (OHCA)
  • Oklahoma Association of Health Care Providers (OAHCP)
  • Pennsylvania Assisted Living Association (PALA)
  • Pennsylvania Health Care Association (PHCA)
  • South Carolina Health Care Association (SCHCA)
  • Texas Health Care Association (TXHCA)
  • Virginia Assoc. of Nonprofit Homes for the Aging (VAHNA)
  • Virginia Health Care Association (VHCA)
  • West Virginia Health Care Association (VHCA)